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University of Crete participates in the inter-university alliance «INGENIUM»
The «INGENIUM» alliance emerged in 2020, aims to promote collaboration through European Higher Educational Area, in the fields of research and teaching. University of Crete has joined the «INGENIUM» inter-university alliance now comprising ten European universities and will seek recognition in the framework of the European Universities Initiative, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme.

Partners Map

  • Germany:  
  • Bulgaria :  
  • Spain :  
  • Finland :  
  • France :  
  • Ireland :  
  • Italy :  
  • Romania :  
  • Sweden :  
Together as a consortium, universities will work to pursue the common vision of what European higher education should be in terms of teaching methodology, interdisciplinarity, research and commitment to social development. The alliance of «INGENIUM» is firmly committed to build a new model of university education, where a wide-range of international opportunities for students, researchers, staff and regional stakeholders will be offered.
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