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Academic Authorities Universities and other HEIs in Greece have been undergoing systemic reform affecting the structure and governance of the University’s academic authorities. Under the current legal framework, the University is governed by:
The Rector The Rector represents the University and is responsible for its smooth operation. His responsibilities include convening the Senate and the Rector's Council, which he chairs, and ensuring the execution of their decisions, as well as overseeing the recruitment and inauguration of faculty, staff management, the University’s internal regulations, financial budgets, capital investment programmes, and the University’s annual report
Rector George Kontakis Professor, School of Medicine

Tel: (+30) 2810-545210

Email: rector@ioerimini.com

Email: kontak@med.ioerimini.com

Deputy Rectors By a Decision approved by the University Senate, the Rector delegates specific responsibilities to his appointed Deputy Rectors. There are currently four Deputy Rectors with the following remits: Academic Affairs, Lifelong Learning, International Relations & Outlook
Deputy Rector Georgios Kossioris Professor, Mathematics & Applied Mathematics

Tel: (+30) 2810-545211

Email: vrec-aca@ioerimini.com

Email: kosioris@math.ioerimini.com

Planning, Administrative Affairs and Student Welfare
Deputy Rector Dimitris Milonakis Professor, Economics

Tel: (+30) 28310-77423

Email: vrec-students@ioerimini.com

Email: d.milonakis@ioerimini.com

Research & Development
Deputy Rector Michail Pavlidis Professor, Biology

Tel: (+30) 2810-545228

Email: vrec-research@ioerimini.com@ioerimini.com

Email: pavlidis@ioerimini.com

Finance & Infrastructure
Deputy Rector Konstantinos Spanoudakis Professor, Philology

Tel: (+30) 28310-77976

Tel: (+30) 2810-545208

Email: vrec-fin@ioerimini.com

Email: spanoudakis@ioerimini.com

The Rectors’ Council The Rectors’ Council comprises the Rector and the Deputy Rectors, one student representative of those participating in the Senate and a representative of the administrative staff. The Rectors’ Council is mainly responsible for drawing up and introducing to the Senate the strategic planning of the University, the financial budgets and the public investment program.
The University Senate The University Senate is the highest collective academic authority of the University, responsible for developing the educational and research policy of the University. Its remit includes quality assurance; overseeing the management of third-party funding; developing the work on continuing and life-long learning; overseeing the recruitment and promotion procedures for faculty; the regulations governing first, second and third cycle degrees and all other educational programs of the University, as well as decisions on joint educational/study programs with other HEIs and research centres nationally and internationally. The Senate is also responsible for approving the financial accounts and ensuring that the University is functioning in compliance with state laws. The Senate comprises the Rector, the Deputy Rectors, the Deans, the Department Presidents, Student representatives, and representatives of the teaching/lab support staff and of the administrative and technical staff.
Academic management Academic management within the University is highly decentralized, with executive authority exercised through the Schools, Departments and Divisions, which have a high degree of autonomy in defining their respective educational and research policies. Each School is headed by a Dean, elected by the School’s faculty members and teaching support staff. The Dean convenes and chairs the School’s decision-making bodies: the Dean’s Council and the School General Assembly. The Dean’s Council comprises the Dean, the Department Presidents, student representative(s), and elected representatives of the teaching support staff. The General Assembly includes all faculty members of the School’s Departments, student representatives, and elected representatives of the School’s teaching support staff. The Deans are responsible for the day-to-day management and administration of the School, including overseeing the School’s educational programmes and the School’s development strategy in the framework agreed by the Senate. The Deans also participates in the University’s Postgraduate Studies Committee.
Deans of the UoC Schools
SCHOOL Dean Contact
SCHOOL OF EDUCATION ZARANIS Nicholas, Professor, Preschool Education [Term: 1/9/2019 to 31/8/2022]

(+30) 28310-77880


SCHOOL OF PHILOSOPHY KASTRINAKI Angela, Professor, Philology [Term: 1/9/2018 to 31/8/2021]

(+30) 28310-77285


SCHOOL OF SOCIAL, POLITICAL & ECONOMIC SCIENCES PANAGIS George, Professor, Psychology [Term: 1/9/2020 to 31/8/2023]

(+30) 28310-77861


SCHOOL OF SCIENCES & ENGINEERING STRATAKIS Manolis, Professor, Chemistry [Term: 1/9/2020 to 31/8/2023]

(+30) 2810-393201


SCHOOL OF MEDICINE KOCHIADAKIS George, Professor, Medicine [Term: 1/10/2020 to 31/8/2023]

(+30) 2810-394801


Presidents of the UoC Academic Departments
Under the existing structure the Departments, each of which consists of a number of Divisions, are the basic academic units of the University responsible for the degree programmes. Each Department is headed by a President who is elected biannually, and each Division is headed by a Director. The decision-making body for each Division and Department is a corresponding General Assembly, composed of the faculty and also student and staff representatives.
History & Archaeology[Term: 1-9-2020 to 31-8-2022] KARANASTASI Pavlina, Professor karanastasi@ioerimini.com
Philology[Term: 1-9-2020 to 31-8-2022] PANAYOTAKIS Stelios, Associate Professor panayotakis@ioerimini.com
Philosophy & Social Studies [Term: 1-9-2020 to 31-8-2022] KATSAROU Eleni, Professor katsarou@fks.ioerimini.com
Primary Education [Term: 1-9-2019 to 31-8-2021] CHATZIDAKI Aspasia, Associate Professor aspahatz@edc.ioerimini.com
Preschool Education[Term: 1-9-2019 to 31-8-2021] FOUNTOULAKIS Andreas, Associate Professor afount@edc.ioerimini.com
Sociology[Term: 1-9-2020 to 31-8-2022] TSIOLIS Georgios, Associate Professor sociology-head@social.soc.ioerimini.com
Economics[Term: 1-9-2020 to 31-8-2022] STAMATOPOULOS Giorgos, Associate Professor gstamato@ioerimini.com
Political Science[Term: 1-9-2019 to 31-8-2021] GIOURAS Athanasios, Professor gkiourat@ioerimini.com
Psychology[Term: 1-9-2020 to 31-8-2022] GIAKOUMAKI Stella, Associate Professor sgiakoumaki@ioerimini.com
Biology[Term: 1-9-2020 to 31-8-2022] GARINIS George, Professor chairperson@biology.ioerimini.com
Materials Science & Technology[Term: 1-9-2020 to 31-8-2022] MITRAKI Anna, Professor mitraki@materials.ioerimini.com
Computer Science[Term: 1-9-2020 to 31-8-2022] ARGYROS Antonis, Professor chair@csd.ioerimini.com
Mathematics & Applied Mathematics[Term: 1-9-2019 to 31-8-2021] GAREFALAKIS Theo, Professor chair@math.ioerimini.com
Physics[Term: 1-9-2019 to 31-8-2021] GEORGAKILAS Alexandros, Professor frudakis@chemistry.ioerimini.com
Chemistry[Term: 1-9-2018 to 31-8-2020] FROUDAKIS George, Professor chair@physics.ioerimini.com
Medicine[Term: 1-9-2020 to 31-8-2021] KOCHIADAKIS Georgios, Professor kochiadg@ioerimini.com
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